Experience of a Manza Owner

Once it was giving a alarm to Hyundai to claim the 2nd spot, but right now it is struggling to find it in the top 5. Yes, Im speaking about Tata Motors.

Every Indian wants to buy a Indian product. So do I. We had the following cars.

Indica V2 (sold)
Sumo Victa (sold)
Indica Vista (sold)
Indigo Manza (2010 – till date)
Figo (2011 – till date)
MM Thar (2013 – till date)

All of the cars in out garage were Tata products, But things changed. We bought a Figo. The reason is quite simple. After I bought Manza, it was giving us some problem from day one. I had to take it to the A.S.S every week ends. Infact my wife used to ask me its better that you spent time in the service center in the week ends. And when my father was planning to buy his car he was planning to select Vista/Indigo CS. I told him all my experience with my Manza and he selected Figo.

In my manza i had gone to the service station more than 25 times for the past 3 years. Where as in his figo he had gone just 4 times and that too for the regular service only.

So if i plan to sell my manza after 5 years of use, i wud go in for other tata product. But my mind says Tata. My Wifey says never think about Tata.

So this is the mindset of all the existing owners ( i believe).

When i was planning to buy Manza in 2010, my friends were joking on me as i was going for Tata motors always. Infact i took 2 months to do a TD across cars of this and the above segment and finally choose Manza. But when my friends travelled with me in car they were thrilled to see the comfort and space. But in terms of reliability Im the one who can experience.

In my 3 years of use, i have these areas of concern.

1. Quality of parts – interior quality plastics is really worse for the car in this segment.

2. A.S.S experience – the S.A’s treat us like cab-owners. But now it has changed for the past 1 year.

3. Niggles. – For the first 2 years I had some unusual niggles and in the 3rd year it is ok. And now in this 4th year, its back to the same old school.

What I (customer)  need

1. Good quality interiors (may be above 80% is fine)
2. A.S.S – its changing now and we need a better one.
3. Quality check shud be made thorugh before it is despatched out of factory.

The majority if the non-Tata customers say these following words if they ask me what car that i use.

1. problem after 3 years.
2. brand image
3. rattling

infact when i had a TD of Aria, i was thrilled at it. I found it to be better than the Innova but the history made it to fail. Still, I love Aria.

Last but not the least, from nano to Aria, all the cars have a similar looks. Storme was the first product which resembles for the next gen cars. We need a similar strategy for others.

We wud like to have the following order of products from TML.

– a new hatch – (with better new gen looks)
Vista – (with better looks)
– Manza CS – (with better looks)
Manza (with better looks)
SUmo (with a better looks from 2014 and a name change)
– mini SUV – (new gen Sierra would rock)
– MUV – (no grande pls)
Storme (with a better look from 2015)
Aria ( with a better look ASAP)

Pls Pls Pls, give a retirement for the following cars ASAP

Indica ecs
Indigo ecs (may be later)
Sumo (may be later)

I have lots lots lots to share. Its better that a F2F discussion a btter idea.

You can call me @ 8129249864 or shoot a mail to msjawahar@gmail.com

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