Divorce. This word is now becomming most used.

Divorce rates are on the rise through out the world. Especially in India, there is a steady growth. In 5-10 years from now we can see a High Court of Divorce in every state. Probably in every district.

Whats the reason behind all these in a common mans point of view.

I do not wish to show any survey reports. Im not here to blame any one. Im writing the facts.

There are couple of reasons behind this.

Ego Clash – If the husband & wife are employed there would be a ego clash. Naturally every husband needs his wife & children to depend on him. This is a husband nature. When the wife starts to earn money and do not depend on the husband anymore regarding the financial aids the smoke would start from there. This will make the husband to get tensed and the smoke will get into flames. Moreover, if there the wife is in a top position compared to the husband there will be a clash for sure.

Dowry – Dowry cases in the villages is on the rise. If the wife dosent bring dowry the family members will try to fuse the husband and inreturn he will screw up his wife to bring more dowry and there would be a issue. It wont end in a divorce but there would be a friction between the two for a short span of time.

Suspicious – If any one among them have a disease in this, it would generate a problem. There are lots and lots of cases regarding this. Husband having a eye on his wife through some spy cameras installed in his house when hes off to work. Wife having a eye on her husband when hes in work with her friends. This is not at all a need. Every husband and wife knows each other well and they should be united in love. But instead through this will end up in serious issues.

Harrasment – When men gets angry they do no know that they do. It will end up in physical harrasment. Any woman cannot tolerate the physical harrasment. They will move this issue to the police authorities and make the husband behind bars. Some times the physical harasment will bring in the death of the woman. Just to coverup this he may try to make some false stories and atlast one final day he will be behind the bars.

One thought on “Divorce

  1. According to the Bible – It is evil. and God Cant bear it.. but only reason allowed for Divorce is Adultry..
    the morden lifestyle compromises the depth of the Scriptures and leads to Debauchery and other evil deeds. Divorce is evil – it is certainly cruel to one part. Like murder or Rape. Taking advantage of some one’s weekness. Sadism and pityful. People will regret when they know they are being used like Whores and others enjoyed their benifit and one day all they can only compromise sauing it is done.
    instead they can Avoid it now.
    hey Bro y dont you post words and knowledge from scriptures. you can develope that too. you are a smartiee..

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