Test drive of TATA Aria

I had a privilege to test drive a TATA Aria. Its a top end variant. It is Pride.

The first thing which I noticed in this vehicle by appearance is, the design is inspired from many vehicles.

Front looks – similar to Manza
Side looks – similar to Innova & CRV
Rear looks – similar to Sumo Grande

The sales person had explained me all the features in this vehicle. It has got almost all of the features that a hardcore driver needs it.

Now comes my drive.

I turned the engine on. Since its a 2.2 Dicor engine, I could guess that the engine is silent than the Safari Dicor 2.2. The engine is further tuned by the JLR team who had done the final touches of this vehicle.

I had a 5 kms drive in it. The clutch is so smooth. The gear shift is like a feather touch. I had even tried it with my finger. When I started to drive in the second gear I could feel there is a bit lag in it. Dont know what is it. Asked the sales guy about it he said its fine. Now I crossed over a bumper, I could feel the suspension effect from the front as well as from the rear. Awesome. I could feel the suspension is better than the Safari. Even the suspension is better than the Innova. Breaking is perfect.

Now I tried with a complete round turn. I could not able to feel my body movement which is similar to that of Innova. In Safari I could feel it. I can able to free myself in the vehicle and drive it. Its a drivers paradise. The AC is also good not up the effect like the Indica V2. The 2nd & 3rd row AC can be controlled from the middle seat. It has a inbuilt GPS Navigator. There is a reverse assistence camera. Its good. The driving visibility is superb. The driving is also good. It has got the 17″ wheels with alloy. The beige interiors in it would be a perfect choice. I had a chance to sit in the middle seat and have a drive. Its fantastic.

Overall the test drive is really good.

TATA has learned a lot from its previous mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Dont try to hide yourself from it. TATA is doing this. Kudos to them.

But I felt some thing has gone in this vehicle.
One is the price. Since its 17 lakh plus for the top end model, a common man thinks that hes not ready to spend this much amount for this vehicle.
Second is the looks. Since it has borrowed the looks from various vehicles we can able to find it. If TATA had gone for a fresh design it would be superb. Anyways looks dosent matters only performance do.
Third is the panel gaps. They should have taken some extra efforts to sort this issue as this comes in a premium brand.
Fourth is the interior plastic quality. Its actually far far better than the quality in safari & manza. Since this comes in a premium brand they should have put some good quality.
Fifth is the Entertainment. They should have put some quality speakers to experience the power of music.

Overall its a excellent vehicle from TATA.

3 thoughts on “Test drive of TATA Aria

  1. Hey buddy,

    thanks for the pecious feedback. I am planning to buy SUV with my budget not greater then 13 lac. I heard some gud views about Aria but dont u think being tata brand relase will not gud for this vehicle. Which one you feel should i go for seeying driver comfort and being economic on diesel/cng.

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