Common Wealth Games or Corruption Wicked Greedy ?

CWG or Common Weath Games is now a hot topic in India and across the world too.

Is India capable of hosting such a mega event.

Yes. India is capable of hosting such a big event. Many people may disagree to it. i would say Yes India is capable.

But what went wrong ? Why such a huge mess now.

The answer is so simple and the answer is just in a single word.


Every govt officials who gives tender to private firms for construction or any sort of work needs some small commission to his pocket. I should not say as a small commission its BIG Commission. The contractors who does the work uses such a low quality of materials and they doesnt ensure that that the work is perfect. What every one needs is huge money in their pocket. There is now followups of the works when its underway or halfway through. All these govt officials run to each and every contractor and begs for money. None cares about a National Pride of hosting this game. What all these govt officials gets united is CORRUPTION.

Scotland is ready for the CWG in 2014 now itself. Kalmadi, do u hear this ?
Im sure that the 2010 CWG stadiums and the accomodation will not be ready even by this century.

If the whole project must have been given to the construction majors in India, Im damn sure that should have finished in time and there would be no mess.

All the Old Men in the govt should be sacked and sent to home. Its these people who promote corruption in India and they are the ones who makes the future generation to spoilt. of course they also tarnish the image of India.

A small country like South Africa was able to host Football world cup, Cricket world cup, T20 World Cup without any issues. But just see our CWG 2010. All the top officials who worked in this project should be sent back to home. There should be a raid on their property too. The corrupted money should go to the poor people who starve for their daily life.

Corruption has been working from Suresh Kalmadi till the office boy I believe. The total budget have exceeded Rs. 40,000 crores. Oh my God… Whos money is it ? its all our tax that we pay to the govt.

Im sure many people of India should have cursed the Govt Officials and the Contractors who have worked on this. Will they be happy to live with this money ? No… some day or other they get cursed.

Younger generation… please try to lift the name of India and make India to shine.

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