Say No to Harthal, Bandh, Strike

Strike !!! Bandh !!! Harthal !!!

These words are now common in India. For whatever things the govt do against the people, the opposition parties, mainly the left use these words. Also the unions do these sort of things.

Is it worth in going for a strike ?

It may sound good some times but 90% its totally a waste. The good thing is, it is to show the peoples cry against the govt. But what ever the people say the govt wont heed to it. What ever party which comes to power, they take their own idea. They never or ever heed to the advice/suggestions from the people. So its waste of speaking to the govt. Political parties do it just for their vote. cos they will tell to the people proudly that they have conducted a strike. shame on these parties.

one of the bad thing is that common people, especially the poor people will get affected a lot. Some people work for their daily wages. Since they are unable to go for their work their one day income will be lost. I have seen some small shops who have a least income get affected bcos of this bandh.

We people in India should stay away from strike/bandh. We people should make the political parties that we never or ever follow their strategy. we ppl as a Indian, should think abt the development of our country rather than helping the parties to give a big financial loss of one day.

its all in the hands of the young generation. we shud teach our generation, to say NO TO STRIKE / BANDH / HARTHALS.

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