Buying Experience of TATA Indigo Manza

im very happy to write the review of manza and the situation that made me to own it.

i had earlier owned a Indica V2 2005 model. And now I thought to buy a sedan. I was focussing

on a sedan which will have a VFM.

I have to choose the right candidate out of this following.

Indigo Manza

In the initial screenup Ikon & Logan was out of the sceen as Ikon is outdated  India and Logan is

really outdated by its looks and even the Accent too. In the case of Ikon u need to start a bank

account for it. I mean the cost of spares. Its damn high.

Now I have to choose Manza/Dzire.

I had TD both the cars. I will write down the Positives & Negatives of both the cars.

Positives of Manza.

1. Spaceous.
2. Fresh New Look.
3. VFM with all its new gadgets.
4. Rear seats inclined to 28 deg same as in Benz S Class.
5. Quadrajet Engine.
6. Spaceous Rear seats.
7. Good dashboard with its center console inspired from Linea.
8. Good Driving as well as travelling comfort.
9. Big Boot. (like a mini bed room)
10. Good Mileage.
11. In the top gear she is the KING OF THE ROAD.

Negatives of Manza

1. Interior Plastic. But still a miles ahead from the Old Indigo
2. AC is not upto the mark compared with the Old Indigo.
3. Audio controls in the steering wheel is so small.
4. The font size in the meters is so small it will take some time to adjust.
5. Engine Sound. (bit high compared with dzire)
6. Rattling sounds. (it happens in indian roads)
7. Initial Lag in the first & second gear

Positives of Dzire.

1. Drivers car.
2. Good Pickup & Mileage.
3. Service center.
4. Interior Plastics.
5. Mileage

Negatives of Dzire.

1. Ugly rear looks.
2. No rear seat space.
3. Boot space.
4. Interior colors.

I was reading the reviews by googling various sites. Many users have given a good thumps up to

the dzire as compared to the Manza thinking that its a TATA product.

I had test drived both the cars well. by taking into account each and every things in both the

cars the race is getting heated up according to my taste.

I was thinking in these situation.
— I can own a manza by adjusting myself to the interior plastics which is of normal quality.
— i can own a dzire by adjusting to its rear looks.

somethings which i find in dzire which is not at all suits me is the rear seat space & the ugly rear

looks. its like fitting a box in the back side of a duck. over all dzire is not designed as a proper

sedan. but for the manza, it looks like a proper sedan. ofcourse, TATA always designs their

products well compared with others.

i was almost in a situation to select the manza and then i enquired abt the delivery of dzire &

manza. i was told for manza that i wil get it in 2 weeks but when i enquired abt dzire they told it

may take upto 6 months and that too its not confirmed.

i was in a situation that to select a premium hatch back like i20/figo/fabia or go in for SUV/MUV.

but Manza never goes out of my mind. it started to be in my heart.

i started to go in for TD & read some reviews abt the Manza once again and ask some owners of

manza in person. i was so happy to hear that every one like their product except some small

nigles which can be adjustable. one guy told me that he was able to drive his manza with a top

speed of 180. but when he drove at the same speed in a Dzire, the car was totally out of

control. one guy told me that he was driving at a speed of 120 with the windows open. he had a

doubt if the engine is working or not. he was meaning that the engine is so silent. so i had a lots

of positive notes for Manza.

no one makes a 100% error free product even Audi or BMW or Lincoln. there will be some or any

chance of small niggles.

i booked a manza quadrajet Aura ABS model and i got it delivered in 2 weeks time. I choosed the

Wine Red color. This color will find its indentity in the crowd of cars.

I have now covered almost 200 kms in my car. Im planning to do some short rounds upto 1000

kms and then service it and then go in for a long drive after that.

There are some VFM gadgets in this cars like

1.Bluetooth enabled Phone.
2. Mileage indicator and various other stuff in the dash.
3. twin lights in the car.
4. spaceous glovebox with lights.
and much more.

I will once again update after my 1000 kms of service and then the long trip after that.

Once again, Im really a happy customer of Manza. It rocks….

One thought on “Buying Experience of TATA Indigo Manza

  1. Sir,
    I have booked for a Manza basic model and waiting for the 2011 make. The engine noise is surely more in Manza but compared to the facilities available it makes one to forget it. Regarding mileage some say 14 KM and some 23KM/ liter. Can not guess who is rightI feel it is worth the money I pay for it. Any idea that the minor flaws found in 2009-2010 make will be rectified in the 2011 make?

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