iCloud is a unique website that turns your web browser into online cloud-based computer desktop, which allow you to store not just your files online but also direct access to your icloud-storage from Windows Explorer with WebDAV .


  • Online file system for storing all file types
  • Easily share calendars with your friends and family
  • Microsoft Word 97-2003 compatible document editor
  • Free icloud email account
  • Easily save incoming attachments to your icloud desktop
  • Create personal and group ToDo-lists
  • Share music and playlists with friends
  • Play your favorite mp3s from any computer anywhere
  • Easily Share files from your icloud desktop
  • Organize your RSS feeds
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • API documentation and XML Editor
  • Online Calculator ,Notepad and Unzip archive.

3 thoughts on “iCloud

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