TATA Venture

Venture is a new people mover introduced by Tata at the Auto Expo 2010.
The vehicle is powered by the 475 IDI turbo diesel engine which churns out 71bhp of power and 135 Nm of torque.
The Venture will be in 5, 7 and 8 seater configurations.

24 thoughts on “TATA Venture

  1. Appears to be superb for a small family of about 6 members viz., father, mother, wife and two children. But what remains to be seen is the size and parking space required by it. Price of course is another factor. I personally feel, that it will definately compete with Scorpio, Xylo and Maruthi Eeco.

    • my dear frnd..
      u r absolutely right but this baby boy wont be able to tackle the leading wrestlers in its segment i.e scorpio xylo or safari…..
      but it can b a great picnic vehicle or for musicians carrying their troops…………….

      • rest aprt .what about the driving dyanamics of the baby… ANd the safety rating with tata cars are the major areas of concern

  2. The photo showing 8 seater option is the same as shown for Tata Aria. Which is correct? I feel it must be for Aria.

  3. Will the TATA venture be released in the month of July 2010. I am very eager to have a look at it.

  4. venture is the option for those family , they have 8 person in family and they also want luxury. Shailesh ghanawat .

  5. Iam Planning for the first car to my family.i think this car suits my taste and suits to my family size. wen this will be on road of Hyderabad.waiting for it.

  6. Hye,

    I am looking for a drive in this vehicle.
    I love it on the posters,
    But the performance of the Engine in this machine is unknown.
    It seems that It will be powered by Indica Engine, I am not sure old or new, But however this should be a big hit for the taxi sector.

    It looks great, more space, and comfort level is also pretty good.
    Overall its a good thought.

    • It looks like it will have new engine…even if it has old Indica engine it will be refined one and now we can trust on our Indian product from TATA provided you go with regular and timely service in an authorized dealer. I am telling it with my past experience of driving Tata Indica for 7.5 years (for personal use…mind it).

  7. It is looking similar to Tata Ace , bad thing is it has only one door in back side.
    But if price u consider it is good to have 8 person vehicle in such a low price.

  8. It was told that the TATA Venture would be released in the year 2010. But till now there is no news of its release. When is the actual date of release of vehicle. What is the price range of the vehicle. I am also interested to know the size of the van to see whether it is bigger than Maruthi Eeco or Maruthi WagonR which i own now.

  9. it seems to be a good family car with good specifications of deisel engine , and if it would be with better price tag in between 4 – 5 lac that will be great……
    waiting anxiously for its launch.

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