Xover what we called till now has been rechristened the Aria by Tata and will be a premium, spacious MPV.
The lines at the front are as the  Tata Indica Vista and the Indigo Manza. There is nothing intresting about the new vehicle as the design, but it sure looks good and a sensible machine.
Powered by a 2.2 –litre DICOR engine, the Aria will have 140 horses and 320Nm of twist. Transmission will be done by a newly developed 5-speed system which also features a ‘torque on demand’ 4×4. The interior looks nice – much better than the Tata machines available.  The quality and finish of plastics leaves quite ok.  The Aria is big on space, and the price will create waves in the MUV vehicles market.
Traction control, six airbags, ABS with EBD and rain sensing wipers are things that have been unheard on any Indian vehicle. Apart from these features, the Aria will come loaded with luxury features such as climate control cruise control, electronic trip computer and loads of other gadgets.
If price sounds good the Aria is capable of winning the market share from the premium MUVs & SUVs.

36 thoughts on “TATA Aria

  1. The first photo seems to be of another vehicle of TATA. Please inform which TATA’s vehicle has such a spacious interior ?

  2. the interier is fantastic you may fill like a royal ,not only royal but very very royal car, my advice is do not make any negative comment now tata is makeing world wide car

  3. tushar nagrecha ……Mr..learn proper english before posting your comments in a public forum …..there are 1 billion mistakes in your post hi hi hi hi hi hi dumbo

  4. watch this crazy idiot (JACKPOT)…. it seems that he alone knows everything.. just comment only on the given post, rather don’t comment on the person u stupid bug..

  5. This is really a good car (cross-over) and (value for money) Car….. Hey Jack-Ass (JackPOT) are u from England . Shut the F*** up and comment about the car, got it … With 140ps and 320 nm torque Tata Motors can get the Aria singing to the right notes…

  6. great looking car / suv now let it come on road then you will know for your self.but youshould have auto gears in it.

  7. it’s a car of the year.in looks very nice ,technicaly very capable and silent engine and full safety on lower price.

  8. all same features in suv,,,with wide numbers of price,,is it ok with indian suv’s!!!!innova dekho ratan uncle,,kuch wow sa nahi bana sakte the ??wohi gear box, wohi head tail lamps,wohi handling,wohi luks?aur itna paisa?wot a dumb joke

  9. isiliye sab log foreign assmbld car puchase karte hai,kya interior yaar clr change kiyasirf,kabhi bahar car event mai jake dekho to pata chale ki technology luks kya hota hai suv s mai!!

  10. Combination of Captiva and Innova…..over all good, royal…..but according to others price should be around 12 to 13 max. not more than that.

  11. Thats looks like van not good desin i like ur safari but every time doing mistake i don’t now why safari is good jeep but tyre is too small and too higher can u make same safari design with long wedth tyre no too higher if u can make that m shore every person l recommeded that 100%promise

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