Sonitus Mortis – a drum machine software

Sonitus Mortis is an easy to use drum machine with tuplet- and multi-sample support. It is aimed at musicians that are into progressive styles of music which require high bpm numbers, lots of tempo changes and odd time signatures (i.e. technical death metal).
Due to its simplicity it is ideal for guitar/bass practice, but thanks to its high quality audio output it can also be used for music production.

Key features:

– Simple user interface inspired by classic MOD trackers
– High quality audio output thanks to BASS audio engine
– Support for WAV, OGG and MP3 samples
– Support for multiple samples per instrument with either random or velocity based sample picking
– Export to WAV at up to 32-bit, 96000 Hz
– Export feature supports timing fluctuations to emulate human imperfections
…and it’s FREEWARE!


– Windows XP or newer
– DirectX compatible Soundcard


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