Reboxed Remail Reorganizing your Inbox

reBoxed sorts unread emails in your Gmail Inbox by the importance of the sender. You start by voting on pairs of contacts – “whose emails are more important?”. Your votes are then combined with your friends’ votes. reBoxed’s algorithm then sorts your inbox based on this input.

How does it work?

After signing up with reBoxed, it will download the contacts from your Gmail address book. reMail will then show you pairs of contacts and ask you to decide whose emails are more important.

After you complete 20 pairs, reBoxed will show you a reorganized Inbox with all your unread emails ranked by our algorithm.

What information is shared with reBoxed?

reBoxed does not need your Gmail password – it will ask for access to your Gmail and your Calendar through a mechanism called OAuth.

reBoxed will not store any of your email, but request it from Google each time you access reBoxed.

reBoxed will store the addresses of your contacts and your votes. This information will be used to re-rank your and other people’s inboxes. Your votes will never be shared with anyone – they are used as input into reBoxed’s ranking algorithm. We will never sell your contact information, and will not share your contacts with individuals or third parties.

If you don’t want to use reBoxed anymore, there is a link in your inbox to delete all your data from our system.

Will reBoxed change the contents of my inbox?

No, reBoxed only displays your inbox in a different manner – It will not modify your Gmail or contacts information in any way.

Will reBoxed work with Gmail Apps for my Domain?


Will reBoxed work with any other email client than Gmail?


Can I connect my reBoxed account to multiple Gmail accounts?

Not at the moment. But you can register for multiple reBoxed accounts – one for each Gmail account you have.

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