Tips for the people who got LaidOff

Never think that bad times won’t come

Be positive about yourself

Take the job loss in a positive way; learn something from it and move ahead in life

Keep the faith: If you lost your job probably god has something big for you in store

Never be arrogant to your seniors irrespective of how bad they are to you. Life is short; you never know when they would cross your path again

Take a break and come back with energy and new ideas

Indulge in hobbies you never had chance to spend time for due to work

Don’t look for people to sympathise with you; rather be confident about your abilities

Look for alternative job options irrespective of work locations or role

Be open to work anywhere in times of need

Don’t crib about bad situation rather create opportunities for yourself

Do some certification courses to stay employable

Save some money for bad times (no matter how much we save keep enough cash reserves, don’t just lock money in tax saving instruments)

Spend wisely; try to minimise your extra expenditure

Don’t get emotionally attached to any company. If you get a good offer take it. Move on. 

When your business is losing money you have to be practical and realise that companies have to sack you so that it can survive.

Keep your emotions out; it affects work and also the work atmosphere.

Finding a solution

Re-evaluate your expenses and financial plans. Cut back on luxuries that you don’t need, and minimise credit card usage.

Assess your skill sets and identify areas you can improve while job-hunting.

Watch your health — take care of your physical and mental well-being. A sick or depressed person is not likely to be an asset to any company.

If you find yourself depressed all the time, waste no time in finding a counsellor to talk to. Sometimes, just venting can lift a huge load off your chest.

Keep an open mind about career changes, relocation and salary packages.

Read on to learn in detail how you can cope with the pink slip, both emotionally and practically.

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