Now these days if you use the Internet often, you’ve probably signed up to multiple social networking or social bookmarking sites, such as FaceBook,, Flickr, Digg, Netflix, etc. This is all great, but the problem comes in trying to manage all of this data yourself and with family and friends.

What if you want to notify your friends and family of the recent pictures you posted on Picasa or Flickr? Or maybe you have an awesome movie list on Netflix that you want your college buddies to check out? Or there are a couple of interesting news bits you’ve been Digging on Digg?

FriendFeed is a new service that will enable you to keep up-to-date with all of the online activity of your friends and family easily. With FriendFeed, you can subscribe to a continually updated feed of web pages, links, photos, videos, music, and more that your friends are sharing. It’s kind of like the Facebook News Feed that everyone loves so much.

Even though FriendFeed will be another social network itself, it’s main focus will be on tracking your friends activity in all the other networks. You are then provided with a personalized feed of the data which can then be shared on the FriendFeed site or embedded onto another web page via a widget. You can also view it on your iGoogle hompage.

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