Adobe Connector

Looking for a quick way to collaborate with friends or co-workers using the Internet? In this IT era, you don’t always need to pack up your notes and walk your way to the meeting room to have a quick discussion / meeting.

Using only the web browser, you can now arrange or attend meetings online, with full interactive and multimedia capability at the comfort of your own desk. Adobe ConnectNow is one of the easiest, free online meeting tools that you can use to achieve this.

You can use Adobe ConnectNow to create a secure and personal online meeting room for a small group of people that are looking to have a quick discussion. Unlike boring instant messaging chats that do not allow you to take control and participate in a meeting actively, ConnectNow offers full multimedia capability.

Once you have registered with the service, you can create your own room and start inviting participants to your meeting. ConnectNow makes you a host of your own meeting room and will provide a unique, meeting room web address so your participants can enter the room using their own web browser. As simple as that.

Adobe ConnectNow Features
Easy to understand graphical user interface.
Communications are secured with SSL v3 with 128 bit encryption.
Comes with multimedia panels or pods that can be arranged and resized by a meeting room host:

Screen Sharing – a host can share his computer screen for others to see on their screen. Located at the center screen of ConnectNow, each meeting participants can see real time actions (pointer movement, clicks etc.) from the host’s computer screen. This pod requires the host and participants to install the Adobe ConnectNow plugin.
Chat – public and private IMs between participants.
Shared Notes – displays simple texts to all attendees. Useful for jotting down minutes of meeting.
Webcam – to broadcast user videos among participants and hosts.
Files – useful to share files and notes that can uploaded and download by attendees.
Whiteboard – useful for drawing charts and highlighting notes on a screen share.
Attendees List – this pod will show participant names in a meeting. A host can change the roles of each user here.
Integrated conversation via phone or VOIP is available. A host will get a room phone number that can be used with this tool.
Send meeting invitations by email. The host also needs accept / decline a participant before he or she is allowed to enter the meeting room.
3 different roles of meeting attendees: meeting host, participants (active users that can be actively involved in the meeting) and audience (view only attendees, guest mode).
Annotate function allows a host to pause a screen sharing session and draw something on the screen with the whiteboard function. Useful to temporarily pause the meeting and discuss on an important point during a meeting.
A host can take control of a participant’s screen by his or her consent. The remote control function also allows a host to give control to his own screen to a participant.
Room Management allows a host to limit the usage of a particular pod and more.
Participants can get a better picture of what the host is sharing by using the zoom and full screen tool.

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