How to get your new website indexed by Google ?

This is something like SEO post for dummies .  It will be google.pnguseful to those new people who are entering this world of endless learning . First of all remember that getting indexed by Google is not a very tough thing and don’t fall as prey for third party submission websites . Getting indexed by Google has became a very basic part of web world these days . Unless you have visitors from Google , your website is nothing . You might be inclined towards Yahoo and Live search also , but remember , Yahoo can’t be Google .

What exactly is getting indexed by Google ?

It is basically adding your website pages to Google directory –  Something like introducing your website/blog to Google .

You may be aware that Submitting  your url to Google by the link before is the easiest way to achieve it. It might be simplest way , but not the best way . Why ??

Firstly There is no guarantee the submission will be done in this method. Even Google won’t give you a guarantee for it . So I recommend you not to submit your website /Blog this way . Do like this . Instead of asking Google for adding your website , make it add your website when it finds you worthy .

So what you are going to do is ” Get a link from a website which has been well indexed by Google ” . This way you are grabbing attention of Google and believe me , it will increase indexing quality on your website as Google thinks it missed some useful website .

Are there any advantages doing this ??

Yes dude , you have…Check the list below .

  • Your website will get indexed to google’s directory as it will follow  your site/blog from the link on well indexed website . It is considered much valuable by Google .

  • You get automatically linked once when a google robot follows the link .

  • No waiting and guaranteed indexing .

Not merely making a website and just adding information to it won’t work in web . Build links guys . Start with websites which have Pr2 , Pr3 as they will be mostly willing to do it through mails or contact forms . Once you get a good number of links , Google will surely increase your PR in next update.  But remember to get links only from your niche as Google might flag you spam if you are much into link exchange and if they find you spamming .

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