Hotmail Bhatia Launches SabSeBolo

Sabeer Bhatia, founder of, has announced the launch of, the country’s first free, reservation-less audio conferencing facility.

To sign-up for the service, you need to log on to and enter your email id and password. In return, you’re given a permanent conference id and a pin. To start conferencing, you need to dial +91-22-3980 4444, enter the conference id and pin. You can also change your pin anytime.  

At the launch, Sabeer Bhatia said that with Hotmail, he was able to provide free email ids to all Internet users. But that with, he plans to do the same in the audio conferencing space initially in India and then in the world.

Bhatia said today, the youth as a group make up the most prolific telecom users, especially in SMS service. Given that is a free service where you can conference with tens of your friends, it will definitely emerge as a new youth hangout. has wide application for individual and corporate communications. With the help of, organizations can schedule conference calls with their team members at specified times. Individuals can plan events, get-togethers, etc. Friends and family who’re living apart can touch base with each other. Besides, SMEs and corporates can get private conferencing numbers if required.

Essentially a paid service without advertisements, can also record conference calls to keep track of discussions and decisions taken as a paid service.

Yogesh Patel, co-founder of, said a whole suite of related services such as free online conferencing scheduler, conference manager, dial-out service, voice broadcast, voice telecast, etc are scheduled to launch soon under

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