How to build a successful website

 If you are looking to build a successful website, here are three basic rules.

  1. Fast Speed
  2. Limited Contents
  3. Easy Navigation

1. Fast Speed

First rule is, a website should load faster. When a user comes to your home page, there should be no wait. You can provide this by having only limited code and HTML on the home page.

There are several ways to make sure site load faster. For example, do not use too much graphics and flashy stuff. Use text, HTML controls instead of images.

Avoid default flash or other graphics items. If you can’t survive without flashy presentations, give user an option to load it once your home page is loaded by adding an extra link or something.

If your site is a database driven site, do not load too much data on page load. If it is necessary to load data from a database, try to save common data in application state so page load is faster.

2. Limited but Most Relevant Contents

Limited contents means if a user comes to your home page, site should provide only contents that you need to grasp the reader but not overload him. You do not want to confuse your reader.

Your home page should make sure that user is not confused about your site functionality and services. The message should be clear and consise. Make sure to put most relevant content on the most visible area.

3. Easy Navigation

You do not want user to click 4 times to go to the content what user is looking for. Try to keep it to 1 or 2 clicks only. At max, you can go to 3 clicks. After 3 clicks, user would most likely to leave your website.

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