How to estimate car’s mileage?

“What is my car’s mileage?” is an obvious question in every car owner’s mind. It really doesn’t matter what is your financial status or how many and which cars do you own, but when it comes to know about your car’s mileage, you are curious.

Estimating your car’s mileage/fuel economy is the simplest task if you know to do it and is toughest if you don’t. Even if you really don’t care about your car’s mileage, we suggest you should estimate your car’s mileage once in a while to know your car’s health. If your car’s mileage is qiuite below the normal mark, consider the fact something wrong is going on within the engine and it might trouble you very soon. Another point of consideration is environment. Cars with bad fuel efficiency tend to pollute the environment more.

Here is a simple way of estimating a car’s mileage.


  1. Go to the filling station and fill the fuel tank completely. Completely means completely!
  2. As soon as you enter your car, note the odometer reading (kilometers done) before even starting it. This reading is start reading.
  3. Keep driving the car as you usually do.
  4. Once your fuel gauge is saying you have emptied the tank upto an extent, maybe half or three-fourth, visit a nearby filling station. If its same station you last filled your tank then its better, at least you won’t be suspicious about filling station.
  5. Note down the quantity of fuel it took to fill the tank completely.
  6. Fill the tank completely once again.
  7. Note odometer reading once again. Take down it as finish reading.
  8. Now calculate average/mileage/fuel economy of your car as:
  9. Average = (Finish reading – Start reading) / Fuel quantity.

Note: You can try out the same procedure with AC on and AC off, to know your car’s fuel economy in both states separately.

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