Intresting things about the Session in

If we have the session state enabled and we do not store anything in the session then the session Id will change every time a new request is made. This also means that a new session is created every time. But the sate is never saved as there is nothing to save. Note the session_Start event will not fire for every request. The session_start event will only fire once.

Another interesting stuff about session Id is that it does not changes after we have called the Session.Abondon() method or when the session times out. Even though Session State expires but the session ID remains same. The session Id will last as long as the browser session does.

Session Class has two methods. Session.Abondon() and Session.Clear(). Both the methods are used to clear the data in the session. But there is one difference between them. If we use Session.Abondon() then Session_end event will be fired and session_start event will be fired on the next request. The same is not true for session.Clear() method.

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