Driving is an art

Driving a car is an art. It is not that just take a license and go on the road. One must be aware of all road sense and the meaning of road signs. One must be aware of the wright of other drivers also. One must not be rash while driving. One must follow all the rules of traffic. Follow the lanes and driving speed of the area. Should not take unnecessary risk while overtaking. By driving fast you achieve nothing but have more risk to yourself and to others also. Safe driving is best driving. It saves fuel also and take you to your destination safely.

One must not have loud music while driving. Loud music tends to increase in speed which makes driving rash. Normal speed during driving is safe and in fact reduce fuel consumption and time. It is a misnomer that by driving fast you reach your destination earlier. in fact normal speed takes less time in reaching your destination. One’s enjoy driving if it is taken as an art and not as a thrill.

Never speed up after you halt at red lights. Start slowly to save fuel and it maintains your engine life also. Whenever you park you car for a longer duration it should be in a position so that you don’t have to reverse   it. Always use forward transmission, means first gear to move ahead. After a long halt using reverse gear is harmful for the engine of your car. In the morning must move slowly in first and second gear at least for 400 to 500 yards, it wil lubricate and warm up the engine properly.

Enjoy driving in normal speed. It saves preciuos fuel and life, increases the life of your car.

Happy Driving !!!

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