Mileage of Indica V2

Many people were telling that Indica is not a worth vehicle. Im writing my experience with Indica.

I bought my Indica on September, 2005. The total kilometers run is 16000. in 2 yrs…. amazing !!! The long trip includes one to Chennai and another to Kodaikanal. In my chennai trip, I checked the mileage. In the highways it gave 21.5 w/o AC. I had no maintence issues till now except a cleaning in the exhaust.

Last month I had a chance to check the same mileage. I checked it with City & Highways mixed. It again gave me a good figure which is 18.3.

I was just planning to sell my Indica and buy a upcomming car from Hyundai which is Getz Diesel. Now I planned to hang on indica for another one year.

Im planning to go to chennai by the end of this month. I will again test the mileage with AC switched on completely.